Coolermaster CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The Spawn sure gets high marks from me in the aesthetics category.  It mixes form and function with bold color and over great design, which is also very ergonomic.  The geometry fits my fingers great, and the only thing that's not perfect is that its a bit short for my long fingers and the palm doesn't rest completely, but it's not to the point where it's uncomfortable, it's just different, and designed decidedly to utilize a different grip.  Tracking is precise and accurate, the only issues were found when using surfaces that optical mice are notoriously picky with anyway, such as glass, and only seemed to have trouble at high DPI settings when the slightest sensor hiccup creates a noticeable difference.

The body is lightweight, which may or may not be to your particular taste, but it still has plenty of weight to it.  Not like cheap optical mice that don't feel as if they are anything but a plastic shell, there is plenty of heft, but in comparison to a fully-weighted G5, it's noticeable lighter.  It fills out my hands very nicely with a very voluminous, squat geometry, although the palm itself doesn't rest on the mouse.  The scroll wheel is very firm and smooth, and the switches are noticeably high quality and click very nicely.  The on-the-fly adjustment buttons are actually "present," in comparison to those on most other mice that I have to look down to actually use.  The two thumb buttons are great for browsing, and especially for gaming.  The anti-slip rubber sides have a nice, comfortable texture, and really do provide a lot of grip.

To top it all off, CM Storm has added a gold-plates USB connector to minimize latency, and it comes with it's own protective cap out of the box!



  • Full body fills out large hands
  • Extermely comfortable ergonomic design
  • Looks great
  • High quality switches
  • On-the-fly sensitivity
  • Two thumb buttons


  • Mostly preference-based (a bit short and also fairly light)
  • No LED sensitivity setting indicator


Overall, we believe the Spawn is a great mouse, it has a slightly different feel, but performs and looks great, and has quickly become one of my favorite mice to use!



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