Coolermaster CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review - Pictures and Testing




I've got to give the Spawn some major props on the packaging.  It looks awesome, really catches the eye, and the velcro door opens up to reveal the features, and a great look at the mouse itself.  In the product presentation category, the Spawn is nothing short of awesome.  It really gets you excited, because if it's presented so elaborately, imagine what the mouse itself will be like!


Once out of its awesome packaging, the Spawn greets you with a slightly metallic, deep crimson red with black buttons and trim.  I have to say, the Spawn hits a particular sweet spot for me with its red and black color scheme!  The mouse itself is rather squat and wide, it fills my large hands very nicely, but my fingers extend beyond the mouse a bit, and your palm doesn't rest on the mouse.  This is by no means a complaint, more a point, since I don't find it uncomfortable, and only really notice it when I'm looking at it, just takes a bit of getting used to.  My ring finger fits very nicely onto the ergonomically designed groove on the right side, and my thumb fits comfortable over the two thumb buttons.  The anti-slip rubber sides are also very comfortable, and have a very pleasant texture to them.  The rear portion of the mouse has CM Storm's logo neatly emblazoned upon it.


The rear of the mouse has a rather raised appearance, similar to a high-powered sports car.  This really helps give the mouse, without a lot of length, plenty of body to fill out even large hands very comfortably.  The two side thumb buttons are very large, and are slightly raised to give you a good feel, in addition to the raised "<<" and ">>" on the respective buttons.  The scroll wheel is very sturdy, and has a very nice click, and the wheel is firm enough that clicking the scroll wheel is very easy without accidentally scrolling, which I've found very annoying with other mice, such as my old G5.  The two buttons underneath the scroll wheel are the on-the-fly sensitivity adjusting buttons.  Once again, I prefer these larger buttons to those on my G5, which were often hard to "feel out" when trying to switch quickly.  These are very easy to feel, and then also to click.


In these two pictures you get a pretty good feel for the rather complex ergonomic geometry of the Spawn.  This is probably one of my favorite "features" of the Spawn.  It has to be close, if not the most comfortable mouse I've used.  The only thing that might be improved for me in particular is that if it were a bit longer so that my entire fingers rested on the buttons, but having them extend beyond the mouse a bit has comforts in its own right.


The Spawn has large, wide feet on the bottom.  This gives it a very smooth, even feel as it tracks.  Since they have quite a large surface area, they don't glide as though they were slippery, but glide smooth with a bit of traction which I feel gives me better control.  You can also see the 3500DPI optical sensor on the bottom, which has proven reliable on a wide array of mousing surfaces.  I have found that with 3500DPI, it tracks quite a bit more accurately when a proper mousepad or gaming surface is used, as its high resolution sometimes "trips" on regular desk or glass desk surfaces.  The high quality switches are of note as well, as they give a very sharp, definitive click which I've found in other high quality mice, and believe their 5-million click rating.  I've noticed I can also click at a faster rate with mice that have these high quality switches.



The Spawn has worked awesome in games or any array of other uses I've put it through.  It's very accurate, and it's 3500DPI sensor, while having a bit of a learning curve coming from being used to 2000DPI, is precise and accurate.  The two thumb buttons come in very handy in any game I've thrown at it, and it's quickly becoming something I will have trouble being without.  I've found that the on-the-fly buttons on the Spawn are much more "useful" in terms of actually being able to quickly switch DPI settings.  I don't need to look down or "feel around" to find them, as they are prominent and easy to feel.

As I stated above, the only issue is that on high DPI settings (2500+) the optical sensor does get tripped up on my wooden and glass desks, but is very precise and accurate and tracks beautifully.  After using a fully-weighted G5 for many years, it really didn't take me any adjustment to get used to the lower weight of the Spawn, and I honestly don't know which I prefer, but that's entirely up to user preference.  I suppose it would be nice to have a place for some weights, but the Spawn is quite compact despite it's very "full" feeling body, and a spot for weights would probably add alot of overall bulk to the mouse.



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