SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Gaming Mouse Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Kinzu is definitely stable and reliable.  It tracks great, and "feels" like a laser when using it, but I couldn't find a surface it didn't cooperate with.  I didn't try a clear glass table, however, but it worked great on a black-backed glass desk.  The three large feet glide nicely, even on rough and uneven surfaces.  It has a low form factor and an ambidextrous profile, and is somewhat small for those with big hands, such as me.  However, it's adequately comfortable, and didn't experience any discomfort until after quite a long time of continued use.

The profile and sensitivity adjustments are nice, although they are not continuously customizable, in that there are preset values, and you can't choose say, "any" value such as 968CPI, but I find the sensitivity and sampling rate options satisfactory.  And since the software has built-in Windows mouse sensitivity options built-in, fine-tuning is still easy.  The software is simple and easy to use, which is always a plus.  The lack of a side button is noticeable when gaming if you are already used to one.  But being someone who has used a mouse with a side button for 5+ years, it wasn't that hard to adjust, and shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

The mouse games great, and with the adjustment features, you can get the Kinzu "dialed" in and have it ready for some serious gaming, and its slim size, ambidexterity, accurate tracking, and forgiving feet will have you ready for any challenge anywhere you've got your computer setup.  It's a great budget gaming-grade mouse that will give you the tracking of a laser, at the cost of a budget gaming mouse.



  • Large feet
  • Smooth, precise tracking
  • Solid buttons, satisfying "click"
  • Firm and controllable scroll wheel, also clicks very nicely
  • Price
  • Convenient and easy to use software for sensitivity adjustment


  • Low profile, won't fill out large hands
  • No side button

For its price, the Kinzu should provide a formidable challenge to other mice in the budget gaming mouse market!

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