SteelSeries 4HD Pro Gaming Surface Mousepad Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

You may ask yourself, how much of a difference could a mouse pad make?  Well, the answer is, alot.  Especially for mice with very high sensitivity and optical mice, the difference was as definite as night and day.  I feel as though I cannot go back to my old surfaces when using high sensitivity settings, so much so, that I literally carry my mousepad around with my notebook.  Next, with the 4HD running at $20 at many retail locations, you might ask yourself, "is it worth it?"  If you have a high-end mouse, game regularly, or use any programs where you feel as though a little extra control would make your life easier, I'd say you won't be disappointed, especially if that $50-100 mouse isn't living up to its potential.  Also, keep in mind, a mousepad isn't going to become obsolete in a month or two like nearly everything else, and these things are going to last forever unless you are using a mouse with sandpaper on the bottom, so that $20 will go a long way.  This segways me to another thing I haven't touched on, this surface should wash easily, so in the even that it starts to get grimy or gummed up, just running a little water over it and drying it off should have it good as new, your desk or cloth mousepad won't do that for you.



  • Precise Tracking
  • A great "medium" traction for smooth mousing with a "feel"
  • Good grip
  • A good size, larger than normal mouse pads, but not huge (the 9HD is available for those who want a lot of real estate)


  • Price ($20) may be difficult to justify for casual users, but then again, this is a gaming peripheral
Overall, the 4HD surpassed our even highest expectations for the impact that a mouse pad or gaming surface could have, and gladly recommend it to those in the market for a new gaming surface or want more precision from their mouse!

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