Arctic M571 Laser Gaming Mouse Review - Pictures



In typical fashion, the package is transparent and form-fitted, and has specs and features on the box.  The box includes the mouse and a manual leaflet which explains the features and instructions.


The M571 laser gaming mouse has a very ergonomic profile, and I find that my hands fall into the contours very comfortably.  I've used a Logitech G5 for a long time, partly because I have big hands and many offerings at the time were quite low profile.  The M571 fills my hand as good as any mouse I've handled.  The mouse has a nice weight to it due to four lead weights in the bottom of the mouse.  This has been something I generally prefer as I feel that my actions are far more controllable and smooth.

The mouse has two thumb buttons, a middle button next to the wheel which also executes a "double left click" action for highlighting or opening programs, which I've found very useful, especially in games, and a sensitivity adjustment button.  The contour around the thumb flares out to form a flat surface that glides very smoothly, aided by very smooth plastic feet on the bottom of the mouse.


This image gives you a better look at the ergonomic contour of the M571, along with the Arctic Cooling badge on the rear of the mouse, and it is very comfortable to hold.  It feels very similar to the (expensive) Logitech Revolution mouse, and is the closest I can think of to how it feels to hold.


The two thumb buttons fit smoothly into the profile, and protrude just enough to feel them without them being bluntly obvious, and they have a very satisfying "click" when actuated.



The bottom shows the large feet on the front and back of the mouse, and two smaller feet on the sides.  These feet ride very smooth, and makes me feel like upgrading the feet on all of my other mice, it has a very liquid feel to it.  The laser sensor is on the middle right, and the left is the weight housing which we will show below.


The included removable lead weights fit into the bottom through a foam piece, and are concealed by a small door.


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