Arctic USB Hub Review

Arctic Cooling, in it's vastly expanded product offerings, now brings their new four port USB hub to market.  Simple, compact, and sleek looking, it solves the ever-increasing problem of a lack of USB ports from mice, keyboards, flash drives, hard drives, printers, and any of the many other USB devices out there threatening to waste our time figuring out what can or can't be unplugged.



Limited Warranty 2 years
Host Interface USB 2.0
Ports 4 x Type A nUSB 2.0 for devices
Indicator 1 x green LED
Net Weight 24g
itemnumber ORACO-HUB01-CSA01
UPC 087276700299
Weight 0.07 kg



I've always loved Arctic's packaging, because it is usually formed to the product, and it gives you a great look at what you will be getting.


The USB "Arctic HUB" comes in a semi-gloss silver color, and has a controur of a device that batman might carry around.  Certainly a nice change from the millions of stick-shaped USB hubs that are out there.  Once nice thing about this shape is that you can have it sitting on the rear of your desk with all of the necessary ports facing you at slightly different angles, so your desktop accessories can all meet at the hub, without them crossing each other up as easily.  The top port is especially nice for USB drives that you plug in quick and then run off with.

The mini-USB port on the bottom left is where the USB cable coming from your computer plugs in, and the green LED on top indicates if it's receiving power and is properly connected.  The LED is low profile, and not too bright, unlike many LED indicator lights these days.


The other three ports on the front face at different angles, and through my use of the HUB keeps them from twisting and crossing each other over, and has a pleasant look on my desk.  The curvy contours mix things up a bit on what otherwise is a very simple and rather boring piece of hardware.


One inclusion which may have been nice, mostly for mice which are plugged into the hub, would have been some small rubber feet, so if you had a wired mouse on a desk that the push and pull motions didn't cause the hub to slide around.  A small piece of non-slip matting should be an adequate if this is something that is of particular relevance to you.

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