Arctic Sound USB Speaker Review - Testing and Final Thoughts



To test the speakers, I'll put them through their paces with a wide range of music genres and sound ranges, and taking note of their performance.  Setup consisted of connecting the USB power cable, the audio cable, and the left speaker to the right one, pretty painless and about as easy as it could be.  The first time I heard sound come from the Arctic Sound speakers, I was honestly a bit surprised.  I somewhat expected a weak and hollow attempt to be a "real" speaker, but I was quite wrong there.  The sound was surprisingly rich and full, and far louder than I expected.  When I turned the volume all the way up, I was thoroughly surprised at how loud they were able to get, especially powered only by a single USB port.  The mid range sounds are very well replicated, but the low bass is rather faint.  Acoustically, that's my primary concern for these speakers, but otherwise I was very pleased, and even more surprised that that much sound was coming from such tiny speakers.  For what they are designed as, as a laptop speaker replacement, they really don't leave to much to reasonably desire, as a lack of bass, the only thing I feel they are lacking, isn't much of an expectation from a small, 3-inch cube.  They have all the other ingredients for what they were designed to do, they are portable, have surprising loudness, fairly rich and full sounds, and are easy to use.  I've had thoughts of using these in an outdoor party setting, as they seem plenty loud to work in a fairly close setting, say around a campfire or grilling outdoors.  They should also work well as a small desktop speaker setup in a cramped or tidy desk.

Final Thoughts

The Arctic Sound speakers truly surprised me.  I didn't have much to expect from these, and those expectations were exceeded in every way.  I was very surprised by how loud they were able to go, and also by how full of a sound emanated from such tiny cubes sitting in front of me.  They are also build very solidly, and have a high quality feel.  The mid range sounds are crisp and clear, and music sounds very good, with the only major lacking aspect being the low bass ranges, which is passable given the size, purpose, and cost of these little speakers.  They do what they are meant to do, which is provide a more enjoyable listening experience than laptop speakers, and these will beat any laptop speaker system out there.  The only potential exception would be the new "Beats"-equipped laptops with built-in subwoofers, which may have an advantage in bass ranges.  And for that, I applaud them, and think they do a great job at what they are designed to do.


  • Very portable
  • Solid, quality construction
  • Quite full and rich mid-range sounds
  • Surprisingly loud
  • Stylish, compact design


  • Faint bass ranges

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