Arctic Sound USB Speaker Review

Laptop speakers suck, there isn't any real way around that, and Arctic looks to remedy that with their ultraportable USB-powered speakers.  They are compact speakers which aim to be able to give you a better listening experience, even on the go, as a legitimate replacement to your laptop speakers.





The Arctic sound speakers come in very clean packaging, and all that is included (and all that is needed) is the speakers themselves, and an instruction manual.


The speakers themselves are very solidly constructed, and have a very nice gunmetal grey finish contrasted with silver driver cones and a black membrane.  The cables aren't particularly long, probably designed that way to enable greater portability.  They are long enough to setup comfortably on a desktop, however.


The bottom of the speakers have small rubber feet which keeps them from sliding around on the desktop.  The rear side of the right speaker has the volume dial, the USB power cord, the standard 3.5mm headphone jack for the audio input, and the left speaker output.


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