Aerocool Stike-X Panel Touch Screen Fan Controller Review - Installation and Final Thoughts



Installing the Strike-X Panel is easy.  If you can install a DVD drive, you can install this fan controller.  There isn't much to say about it, remove any front panels for the two bays you'd like your controller in, slide the controller in, fasten with screws or you case's screwless features, and you are basically good to go!  The only thing that might take a bit of time is to decide how you'd like to manage your fan cables with this, but the two empty bays give you a ton of room to zip tie it all up very nice and neat!  It works from the first power-up, no additional input needed!

The touch panel is very responsive and accurate.  The operation of the panel is very intuitive, and I was able to figure out how to operate it after playing around with it for about 30 seconds, before consulting the user's manual.  As you may see, all of the temperature sensors work and are displayed wonderfully.  Switching between C and F is achieved by a single button push of the upper left blue button.  I placed most of the bundle of temperature sensors together underneath the video card, and I placed the first temperature sensor just behind the intake, and displays a slightly cooler temperature, just as expected.  Pressing the respective RPM of the fan you want to change, followed by a press of the + or - blue buttons changes the fan speed by 100RPM.  You may also set alarm temperatures where an alert will sound that something is getting too warm.  A subtle beep lets you know when a button has been pressed, and the "selected" value you are changing blinks when it is selected.

A couple things to keep in mind would be that in order to have your RPMs displayed on your monitor, your fan needs to have that capability.  In our AMD test system, as you can see, only three of the fans have that feature.  The only other note I have is that having large hands like me does occasionally cause me to press say a fan's temperature instead of the RPM as I intended.  It's just two button pushes away from being corrected, and is very minuscule, but if you are a person who demands absolute precision, we thought we'd give you the heads up.  Overall, the screen is very responsive and accurate, and using the Strike-X Panel is very intuitive.

Final Thoughts

The Strike-X Panel is definitely a premium fan controller solution, and has the features and aesthetics to back it up.  There has always been an allure and particular satisfaction of a touch interface, and now the front of you computer is able to provide you with these elements, while also giving you flexibility with usage and aesthetics with two different bezel color choices.  Aerocool also packages additional replacement accessories which I think is a very nice, customer-centered touch, and the user manual is very thorough and clearly laid out.

The important part, the actual operation, was simple, intuitive, and to the point.  The touchscreen is accurate and responsive, although those with larger fingers may need to take a bit more care with their "aim," is bright and clear, and the "X" layout looks slightly futuristic, and great overall, in my opinion.  The temperature sensors appear to be quite accurate, and are a breeze to setup as well.  Becoming acquainted with the controller's operation is a minute or two process, and the subtle sound feedback makes it a well-rounded experience.


  • Large, bright, color screen
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Two bezel colors, plus extra accessories
  • Responsive touch panel


  • Some operations somewhat close, large-fingered individuals may "miss" occasionally, minor con


The Strike-X Panel is a premium Fan Controller, and we would recommend it to anyone in the market!  Take a look at Aerocool's Product Page!


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