ASUS EA-N66 Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit 3-in-1 AP/Wi-Fi Bridge/ Range Extender Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

While being an optional accessory to bolster the strength and usability of an existing network setup, the EA-N66 is a shining example of what we've come to expect from ASUS after looking at their new family of networking products. Despite being a bit of a standout compared to the refined lines of the RT-N66U, the EA-N66 is a very attractive device that is easy to setup and easier still to enjoy. Phenomenal UDP/streaming throughput and ping performance on the 5GHz band makes this a great companion for gamers, and the lack of signal degradation even over long distances and through multiple exterior walls shows great potential for accessing the web from the comfort of a backyard bonfire or across the office.


The extender and access point modes add a huge amount of versatility to the EA-N66 as well.  Larger homes with a weaker base router will see there usable range jump considerably, and medium offices can add coverage to dead spots or extend the overall network range without wiring or stringing other routers or access points.  Another home or business application can be to use it as a separate guest network which you can use to impose greater control and limit access if your router doesn't have built-in guest connections.  Another angle are those who perhaps don't have a wireless connection at all, and the EA-N66U would make a capable dual-band wireless access point on its own.


At around $90, the sub-$100 price tag reflects the high-end performance offered by the interesting EA-N66.  Its performance fits the bill at that price as a high-performance dual band adapter, and provides a remarkably simple solution to extending a current network or providing a separate guest network.  For home offices or small-to-medium business office environments, the cost of the EA-N66U is likely to be a huge bargain when compared to other network extending solutions.  For a general consumer looking for a simple adapter, this is less likely down your alley, as the USB-N53 itself offers great overall dual-band performance at about a third of the price without the need for a plugin nearby.  Despite not being an overwhelming value and perhaps priced a bit on the high side, those looking for a truly high performance adapter or extender solution that's dead-simple to use, the $90 is a fair price.


The Good

  • Unique, simple styling
  • Super-easy setup
  • Compact size
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Great performance/throughput
  • Great range as an AP or Extender

The Bad

  • Included ethernet cable only appears to be 100Mb/s
  • Applying settings/refresh take a couple minutes

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