ASUS EA-N66 Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit 3-in-1 AP/Wi-Fi Bridge/ Range Extender Review



Despite the lack of any levitation, warp drive, or replication technology, the EA-N66 is a gadget with many talents. In addition to having dual-band functionality, it can wear the hat of an access point or Wi-Fi bridge, or simply extend the range of your existing network. Our experiences with ASUS' setup UI thus far have been hassle free - even pleasurable - as it allows someone without any networking experience to reap the full benefits of the device. Opting to use the device in Adapter (AP) mode only requires visiting, selecting the desired network SSID and entering the associated password. Using the EA-N66 as a wireless extender/repeater adds a second step to the process where you can set a separate network SSID and password for the new network that will be broadcast by the unit as an extension of your existing primary network. This is an easy way to give limited network access to guests, while maintaining the security settings and privileges associated with your primary router, or to simply boost the coverage of your existing network.


ASUS' interfaces, as we've come to inherently expect, are very polished and perfectly smooth.  They're responsive, they work properly, and there isn't much fuss about it.  The color scheme is neutral and easy on the eyes, and it's simply and easy and pleasurable experience, and drastic departure from the UI experience of most networking devices out there.


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