ASUS EA-N66 Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit 3-in-1 AP/Wi-Fi Bridge/ Range Extender Review - Design


Judging by its highly-alien appearance, you wouldn't think the EA-N66 was assembled on this planet until spying the "Made in China" tag on the box. The pyramidal shape is sure to stand out wherever you decide to place this miniature UFO. The unit is finished in a combination of glossy black and matte silver on its visible faces. ASUS played with the surfacing of the glossy base to give it a rippling appearance. Be it a puddle of extraterrestrial goo or a black hole, it certainly looks neat. The device looks even more out of this world when connected to a power source - its inner structure is lit up by a trio of blue LED strips (which can be toggled on or off and have varying brightness levels in the dashboard). Flip the unit over, and you'll find some matte black plastic interrupted by rubber feet for a steady stance and a grille for cooling.  A fitting triangular notch is also grooved into the bottom for wall mounting.  The reset button is hard to spot, as it blends neatly into the holes on the bottom of the unit.  Both the included Ethernet and power cables plug into a recessed area on one of the unit's three sides (back or front? who knows!). 


The upper pyramidal shape the starts at each corner and joins at the top actually creates the EA-N66's 3x3 antenna.   This is a clever way to blend functional structure to form an antenna, which ASUS says is actually a beneficial antenna arrangement.  It's a nice little unit, and there's nothing boring about it despite a relatively simple design.



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