ASUS USB-N53 Black Diamond Dual-Band Wireless-N600 USB Adapter Review

Setup and Features


Like ASUS' other companion networking products we've reviewed, ASUS has stressed a quick and easy setup experience.  Toss the driver CD in (or run its respective download file), and the driver along with a very non-invasive utility will be installed.  It'll walk you through the simple process of selecting a discovered network and inputting the respective network security key in a simple, fluid, and easy-to-use UI.  Everything is snappy and responsive, just how it should be.  You'll be connected on the order of a minute, and then you've got monitoring options to monitor your connection quality as well as a number of advanced options.  You can choose which frequency bands are operational if for whatever reason you want only a specific frequency.  The software also provides status and config info, and the IP renew and IP release buttons are a handy feature to have in the UI.

Another very cool feature is that the USB-N53 can act as a "soft" Access Point and provide additional wireless range or guest networks where you can control access permissions.  A pretty awesome and differentiating feature in a USB adapter.  I could see this being particularly useful in bedrooms in a larger house where the weaker antennas in phones and/or tablets don't get reliable reception, but you can use the USB-N53 to extend the Wi-Fi coverage for your room.  Very handy.




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# Michael Chatman 2013-08-31 18:52
After days of working through the ASUS RTN66U router documentation, which is a poor Taiwanese to English translation, I was able to finally get it to work. It still doesn't work just right with my Vonage Box, or my Sony HDTV direct connected.

Then I bought a ASUS USB-N53 Dongle for my PC. I am now on the third day of trying to get it to work. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am the dumb one. But after installing the ASUS drivers and utilities the Dongle finds the Router just fine, the router won't provide a LAN address for the ASUS USB-N53 to connect to. Mind you you can see the device in Windows XP, but it has a very odd predefined address, that will never connect with my router.

No way to configure the right address. No technical information to trouble shoot the problem. It seems like I am the only one with the problem.

If you like to spend days to configure network components ASUS is the way to go. There is good power and lots of parameters to configure. How you find them, what their values mean, are a different story. Good luck.