ASUS Z87-WS LGA 1150 Motherboard Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts


All told, the Z87-WS has everything you'd want out of a motherboard - and most certainly quite a bit more than that.  The true pros who require the workstation features will be able to tap the huge quiver of expadability and functionality, including the improved rendering bandwidth from the PLX chip added to incrase GPU lanes to the CPU and full Xeon processor support.  The average person looking into a motherbaord will be pleased with the storage expandability, gamers will also apprecaite the extra GPU bandwidth, overclockers will find plenty of room to play, and everyone will appreciate the emphasis on this motherboard "just working" with flagship features like Dr. Power to fend off PSU abnormalities which can be catastrophic.  This Z87-WS does omit some of the ancilliary features that the highest-end Deluxe boards will have and eliminates some of the more complex "super tweak" options for better stability, so it comes in at a slightly lower price point, but for 99% of us out there, this is probably the board to have if you're looking to drop $300 on your motherboard.


The software and UEFI are as user-friendly and streamlined as they've ever been, and still have all of the features we've become fond of.   The software really does add value to the package and does alot to enhance the end user experience.  The overall design is abundant in features like the DirectKey to boot straight into BIOS (YESSSSSssssss), power and reset button onboard, detailed diagnostics indication via Q-codes and boot status lights, USB BIOS Flashback, removable BIOS chips which can be replaced instead of bricking your whole board if you really muck things up.  I've said it before, but it's really the little things that all add up to create a great experience, like all of the 4-pin fan headers being in pleasantly logical locations.  I could go on, but then what good would the preceding pages be?  The gold motif is bold, and not everyone is super fond of it, but it looks actually quite stunning in person, now just to find some gold DIMMs and GPU trim to match...


If you're delving into the high-end board space in the ~$300 range, it's hard to definitively recommend a different board unless you really want absolute no-bard-held overclocking, built-in wireless, bluetooth, and/or Thunderbolt.  If those aren't life-changers for you, the Z87-WS should be ready and able to scratch your every itch, and let's be honest, you deserver it for your 300 hard-earned duckets.

The Good


The Bad

  • Tons of included accessories
  • Class-leading expandability / utility
  • Xeon support
  • Up to quad-GPU x8
  • Robust, reliable design
  • Feature-rich UEFI / utilities
  • Lots of on-board conveniences
  • Dual low-CPU utilization Intel NICs
  • Price is really the only thing we feel we can nit at, that's not to say it isn't justified, it's just not "good."

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