ASUS ROG Maximus V Formula Motherboard Review


Testing - CPU and Memory




 We didn't expect to see much difference between the Formula and other Z77 motherboards, as our CPU tests are more of a general validation than a competitive benchmark. Significant differences (>3%) can hint at a significant design flaw.  We see nearly-identical performance with none of the boards betraying any signs of weakness. Being that the MSRP of all three contenders surpass the ~$150 entry-level price point, we would certainly hope that their quality control is up to snuff.




Even without the 2400MHz overclock that we acheived, the Maximus V Formula is still a strong performer on the memory front, keeping close pace with the P8Z77 V Pro and Z77X UD3. Again, this is more of a validation test, and we see a nice jump in RAM performance of about 12% with XMP enabled. Boosted to 2400MHz, we saw read, write, and copy speeds of 24.8GB/s, 24GB/s, and 28.2GB/s respectively. That's a wopping 30% jump above stock speeds!


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