ASUS P9X79 and P9X79 Deluxe LGA 2011 Sandy Bridge-E Motherboard Review - Software and Utilities

AI Suite II

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ASUS' AI Suite II utility suite rolls all of their utility applications into one program.  AISuite II offers a "modular" program which allows for full customization from the operating system.  The modularity makes it very easy to disable any of the various components of AISuite II from running, and everything may be accessed from a single small, unobtrusive dock on your desktop.


ASUS strove to deliver both BIOS and software support for all of their motherboards' features and settings.  Some people are simply more comfortable with a graphical software UI on their desktop, and others would rather tune their motherboard in the BIOS.  The idea here is to not force compromise, and ASUS' AISuiteII is the software-based "desktop BIOS."  It also rolls in other desktop-only utilities into one easy install and easy-to-access program.  And, don't worry about it being a resource hog, as all of the programs are easily disabled from running under AISuiteII.


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