Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 LGA 2011 Motherboard Review - CPU and Memory Testing

CPU and Memory Testing


Cinebench is a benchmark which has components for testing CPU and GPU performance.  We ran the multi-core/thread CPU benchmark five times for each setting, and the best score is displayed.  An image is rendered using all 12 threads, and once rendering is complete, an overall score for the run is displayed.

The left image shows runs with the Gigabyte X79-UD3 with both stock and overclocked settings.  The best score seen using stock settings was 10.15, and with a 4.2GHz overclock, a score of 12.18, which topples the Octo-core Xeon reference score.  The right image shows the slight score increase after 5 runs with ASUS' P9X79, nudging up to 10.18, not a landslide difference.




wPrime is another CPU-intensive benchmark which allows configuration for the number of threads.  We ran the 1024M test with all 12 threads enabled, and averaged the completion time over three runs.

As might be expected after the CineBench run, we see a slight advantage in favor of the ASUS P9X79, albeit very slim, as the total time was only .14s shorter, a 0.08% advantage.




We used AIDA 64's memory benchmark to measure latency, read, write, and copy speeds to the RAM.

We see a 6.7% increase in RAM read speeds between stock settings and a 4.2GHz overclock.  AIDA64 omparisons to the ASUS P9X79 can't properly be made as we're currently having a compatibility issue with one of our DIMMs on the ASUS board.  Likewise, we weren't able to make appropriate comparisons with our PCMark7 benchmarks, as the incompatible DIMM affects scores there as well, but we'll be sure to update the charts and our evaluation as soon as that's sorted.

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# nikos 2013-08-19 06:26
Hi I have this motherboard and I have some questions.
1. Lets consider that the top edge of the motherboard is the edge close to cpu socket, and the left edge of mobo is the back panel of desktop. Then, in the top-right position of motherboard, we can see headings with 3 pins but ther is no label on it. These pins are not headings for chassis fans. What are those pins?
2. what is the bios version installed by default in this motherboard?