Kingston HyperX Red - 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz Memory Kit Review (KHX16C9B1RK2/8) - Design



Not unlike other members of the Kingston memory family, the HyperX reds are vibrantly colored and feature textured silver accents around the border of the heat sink and on the HyperX logo. It is a clean, low-profile design that will still demand attention inside a case. Oddly enough, Kingston decided to label these DIMMs with a "blu" badge as opposed to a "red" one. It seems that this is true of all the memory that is actually on the market, despite the product images on Kingston's website displaying "red" badges. This could be counter-intuitive for those trying to buy these from an online marketplace like Amazon where product pictures and product titles don't always coincide. The heat sinks do a good job of covering up most of the PCB, although we'd like to see more manufacturers make the effort to blend in with the modern blacked-out motherboard PCBs. Compared to HyperX blu, the reds do not have DDR3 displayed in the lower right hand corner, which adds to their sleek appearance. Being only 30mm in height, buyers should have no problem making these play nice with a jumbo CPU cooler. The sticks feel very durable, giving us no qualms about plugging them into our test rig and getting down to business.



The heatspreader adds little appreciable width, and does a satisfactory job of helping to keep the DIMMs cool and looking cool at the same time.  The outer rim has a light raised texture that adds a little extra spash in its aesthetics.

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