Patriot Memory Viper 3 Intel Extreme Masters 16GB (2x8GB) 1866MHZ RAM Kit Review - Benchmarks- AIDA64


AIDA64 is a 64-bit benchmarking, monitoring, and diagnostic suite which proves useful for a large number of applications.  The benchmarking side of the suite allows testing a wide range of CPU performance, disk performance, and for this particular review, memory benchmarking.  For more information on the AIDA64 Extreme Edition we're using for our tests, see Finalware's Website.




The results show a slight increase in memory bandwidth as each overclocking profile is applied.  The latencies show a similar trend, and we see the XMP providing a nice improvement in latency, and the OC giving another boost in that category. Since we've described how overclocking memory is finding the "sweet spot" between the frequency and timing that gives the best results; these results show our fine-tuned overclock beats out the safe, automatic overclock that the XMP offers, although XMP does give us a "free" and effortless boost in overall performance.

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