Patriot Memory Viper Xtreme Division 4 16GB (4x4GB) PC-1500 1866MHz RAM Kit Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts


 Patriot's Viper Xtreme Division 4 retains the excellent heatspreader design of its predecessors, and we find that the size is just on the cusp of being too large.  Patriot has done a good job maximizing the cooling capability of their Viper Xtreme DIMMs without sacrificing compatibility.  Due to the size constraints on many X79 motherboards, carefully evaluate whether your motherboard and cooler will accommodate the Viper Xtreme D4 sticks on the innermost slots, as we've seen it will likely be a tight fit with a large tower air cooler. 


Performance is also great, and 1866MHz operation by enabling the X.M.P. profile on our ASUS P9X79 Deluxe motherboard gives us a huge boost in memory performance over the default 1333MHz of the non-X.M.P. profile.  We saw 14-29% improvements in a variety of memory performance areas, which translated into a nice 1.2% overall boost in the PCMark7 tests.  The Viper Xtremes also overclock nicely, as we rather easily reached 2133MHz by slackening to 10-11-10-30 timings, and we also noticed only a single DIMM held us back.  You may get lucky and have all four DIMMs go to 2133MHz without changing the timings, as we've seen others report.


Patriot Viper Xtreme Divison 4


Patriot's 16GB or larger kits will also be fantastic on the X79 platform for RAM Disks and Caching, which yields read and write performance over ten times as high as the best SSDs on the market today, which allows you to take advantage of the likely scenario where you have gobs of RAM which won't be touched.  At a price of around only ~$100, the Viper Xtreme Divison 4 1866MHz kit won't break the bank itself on your Sandy Bridge-E build.  Great aesthetics, solid performance, and overall value make Patriot's Viper Xtreme Divison 4 a solid choice for Intel's X79 platform.







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