Patriot Memory Viper Xtreme Division 4 16GB (4x4GB) PC-1500 1866MHz RAM Kit Review - Benchmarks- SiSoft Sandra

SiSoft Sandra

 SiSoftware's Sandra is another enthusiast utility suite which features a wide array of benchmarking capabilities, hardware monitoring, hardware information, diagnostics, and reporting capabilities for stability and configuration testing.  Its benchmarking capabilities extend to nearly every component of your computer, including the entire system, the exception being dedicated graphics benchmarking.  It also generates graphics which compare products for their aggregated performances including efficiency and price, which can be a powerful tool in itself and gives you an idea of where your system falls.  We'll be using its memory benchmarking tools to verify our AIDA64 results, and provide a separate basis of comparison with a different piece of testing software.






The trends are nearly the same with our Sandra results.  We see solid overall bandwidth and latency performance from the Viper Xtreme D4, and we see a 29.4% increase in memory bandwidth, a 13.9% increase in cache bandwidth, and a 17.3% decrease in latency from system defaults to the default X.M.P. profile, which is fantastic.  We also see the a healthy 11.2% increase in bandwidth, a 3% increase in the cache bandwidth, and a 6% decrease in latency times, which, again, is a nice boost, but won't be terribly apparent in normal usage.

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