Patriot Memory Viper Xtreme Division 4 16GB (4x4GB) PC-1500 1866MHz RAM Kit Review - Benchmarks- AIDA64


 AIDA64 is a 64-bit benchmarking, monitoring, and diagnostic suite which proves useful for a large number of applications.  The benchmarking side of the suite allows testing a wide range of CPU performance, disk performance, and for this particular review, memory benchmarking.  For more information on the AIDA64 Extreme Edition we're using for our tests, see Finalware's Website.





Overall we see solid performance, and we can also the see the drastic boost gained by a single change in the BIOS.  When changing from the default BIOS profile which operates the memory at 1333MHz to the X.M.P. profile which enables the default 1866MHz of the memory kit, a 13.3% increase in read speeds was seen alongslide a 17.4% decrase in the latencies, which is a substantial improvement.  Overclocking provides an additional 4.2% boost in read speeds and a further 6.4% decrease in latency times.

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