Patriot Memory Gamer 2 AMD Black Edition Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Gamer 2 AMD Black Edition RAM hit its specified timings without issue, which is a sign that the modules are solid.  Although we weren't able to hit the 1800MHz clock range on the sticks, we realize the early batch limitations of our 990FX platform and the RAM itself, and its semi-stumped potential before the Bulldozer chips can be run on the 990FX platform.  Overall, though, we got a nice overclock, going from 1333MHz at 7-7-7-20 to 1664MHz at 9-9-9-29, which lead to a fairly pronounced and noticeable difference in our synthetic benchmarking tests.  Our attempts at real-world measurements proved to be inconclusive, as this sort of a memory clock leads to differences of a couple FPS in games, and program load times too indifferent to accurately measure without a built-in load time in the software itself.

Overall, the Gamer 2 AMD Black Edition appears to be a solid choice in RAM, which may have unlocked potential on different platforms until the 990FX platform and the RAM bins reach maturity as Bulldozer hits the market.  We will see how it does when Bulldozer arrives and when new 990FX BIOS becomes available.



  • Low profile extruded aluminum heatspreader
  • Attractive graphics
  • Stable at spec timings


  • Didn't manage to hit 1800MHz+ speeds (although platform/BIOS/990FX infancy may be more to blame)



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