Patriot Memory Gamer 2 AMD Black Edition Review - Pictures

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The G2 AMD Black Edition comes in a slim, clear package which gives you a good look at the sticks.  The package is sparse on specs or information on features.

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The Gamer 2 AMD Black Edition sticks have a unique green-to-yellow gradient that adds a little pizazz to the extruded aluminum heatsink, and a little color to the inside of your case, without being too extravagant.  The heatspreaders are sturdy on the module, and certainly help keep the sticks cool, especially when trying to push the clocks and voltage up.

DSC 0521

The aluminum heatsinks are fairly thick, and should provide a more-than-adequate thermal capacity for these sticks.  The heatspreaders are low profile as well, and are, as you can see, no taller than the module itself, which means that you shouldn't run into any clearance issues.

DSC 0525

Putting the sticks together, there is still a comfortable clearance between the sticks, which is important if you're planning on using four modules and trying to overclock them.  They look good overall, as I stated above, they have a little bit of coloration without going over the top.

NOTE- this is not the dual channel arrangement, shown for sake of clearance between sticks

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