Hot Rok Stone Grill Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Overall, the home set  Roks from Rok Cooking are everything I hoped they were.  They're still as fun as the first time I used them at a restaurant, and it makes making meals for friends fun, and a bit more like "going out."  It adds pizazz to an activity that happens daily, but grows stale and routine because of it.  There's also something primal about grilled food, or making food on something as primitive as a stone, which is also appealing.  We've yet to mention that this method of cooking is also very healthy, as any fat or grease will run off the stones, or be cooked away, so it's easy to hang your hat on that as well.  They are fun, and the fun isn't spoiled by painstaking cleanup either.  The stones' polished cooking surface cleans off without much hassle, which is really the only potential detriment.  It takes only 10 minutes to heat the stones, and you and your guests are awarded nearly a half hour of cooking time, and even if a stone needs to be reheated, we didn't find it difficult to re-heat a stone mid-meal.

To put a short and sweet summary to the Home Cooking Sets from Rok Cooking, if you try them once, you'll certainly want to have them, and they are, plain and simply, alot of fun.  They add a level of "fancy," without having to go all out, it's special, and it makes it feel like going out, while saving time and money by doing it at home.  These are the centerpiece to a fun, exciting, and unique dining atmosphere.


  • Quick to setup (10 minutes to heat)
  • Easy to clean
  • 20-25 minute cooking time
  • Fun and Unique
  • A healthy way to cook


  • Cool-down time before cleaning is rather long
  • Not "kid-friendly"

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