The Home Cooking Set (HCS-201S) comes with an Instruction Manual, a stainless steel stone holder, and a stainless steel dish to collect anything that falls off the Rok while cooking.  This set is recommended to be used by one person, however the round shape and slightly larger size of the stone, at 7.5-inches in diameter, enables several people to use it simultaneously.
DSC 0789
DSC 0801DSC 0799
The round Rok is cradled by a wire frame stainless steel holder, which rests in a stainless steel pan to catch any liquids that run off the stone, or any food that may be dropped or fall off the edge.  The holder's handles rest on the edges of the pan, which keeps the stone from warming the pan, preventing potential countertop or table burns, or burns of anyone using the Rok.  We will discuss cleaning the pan and other hardware later on.  The wire handles do not get hot, which makes moving and bringing the stones to the table safe and easy.

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