The first home cooking set offered by Rok, the HCS-101C, contains a 6.25-inch square volcanic rock that's 3/4-inch thick.  The rock sets on a stainless steel underplate which rests on a ceramic plate where mean contents may be presented neatly.  The set also includes an instruction manual which contains tips, tricks, and a few recipes to try out!  This set is great as the portions and ingredients may be sorted out on the ceramic plate, and the entire setting brought out at once, and is a very convenient way to serve each person.
DSC 0812DSC 0815
DSC 0817
One side of the Rok is polished very flat and smooth, and you can see the difference in texture by the color of the Rok.  The sides and back are a bit more "rough" and natural, and you can see they are a slightly lighter color.  The polished side is used as the cooking surface, as food will stick less and is much easier to clean off.  We will talk about cleaning in more detail in a bit.  The set is very professional, and really give that restaurant feel to the meal.  The stone is cradled nicely by the stainless steel underplate, which rests on four small pegs in the ceramic plate to keep the Rok from heating the ceramic plate, which makes it easy and safe to handle, as well as preventing cracking in the plate itself.

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