Pivos XIOS DS Media Player Review


The Pivos Xios DS is a fine example of what you get after crossing an innovative entertainment peripherals manufacturer with the media aggregation skills of XBMC. Pivos collaborated directly with the XBMC developers to create an Android-friendly version 12.0 of the popular application as part of its strategy to bring consumers the capabilities of an HTPC in an ARM-powered, hockey puck sized device. A highly customized XBMC holds a number of advantages over a standard streaming box, some of which just might push you to cut your cable plan for good.


BodyMedia Fit CORE Armband Review

Weight loss is a demanding uphill battle. Those that have made the journey once, twice, or more times can tell you that a strict regimen of physical activity is not everything. Actively monitoring your calorie intake and burn in addition to daily activity and sleep habits will go a long way to increasing your chances of success. Most fitness monitors don't offer a complete enough picture of one's progress towards their goal of fitting into an old pair of jeans or preparing for a grueling triathalon. Enter the BodyMedia Fit CORE Armband.


Hot Rok Stone Grill Review

The first time I tried cooking on a hot stone on my own plate right in front of me, I said to myself, "I have to have this."  I then found myself thinking about how fun, and what a great atmosphere it would be to have friends or your family over for dinner, and to bring them a hot stone with everything they'd need to cook, and tell them, "cook it how you'd like!"  Hot Rok makes hot stone cookware which combines the atmosphere of a sizzling plate, and the fun of being able to cook right at your plate, just how you'd like it!