NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Here's what I find the most interesting about the GTX 650 Ti: it's a great value card.  Why is that particularly interesting?  I think it's interesting in the same sense that the GTX 560 Ti 448 Core was interesting, because it's based upon the same GPU as the next model up the food chain (the GTX 570), with a lower model number in its name.  The GTX 650 Ti is a scaled-down GTX 660, as opposed to a scaled-up GTX 650.  The interesting thing then, is at the $150 price point, it puts it at almost as good of a value as the GTX 660, where we saw about a 1.6x boost in frame rates, at about 1.53x the cost.  Price-per-performance is a little better for the GTX 660, but the GTX 650 Ti is right on its heels as the value king in the Kepler lineup.  The GTX 660 was the clear value king a couple weeks ago, but it's great to see that the price-per-performance ratio of the GTX 650 Ti being comparable at a very, very competitive price pont.  Nvidia has really equipped gamers, especially those with tight upgrade budgets, with two great options for next-gen gaming at 1080P.


This is a particularly enticing card for young gamers or those with limited budgets, because it will play almost any modern game at respectable settings at 1080P without a problem.  I've been gaming on BF3 and Borderlands 2 with it for the past week, and really never felt like I was losing out on anything.  Battlefield 3 still looks great on medium with full anti-aliasing, and it plays perfectly.  Borderlands 2 still plays with all the glory that full PhysX has to offer at high settings, and gives a great overall experience.  Tesselation-heavy games challenge the GTX 650 Ti to the point where a card like the GTX 660 is a better bet, but again, they're still playable, and that's impressive in itself.


Those still rocking 9600/9800GTs should have a compelling upgrade option if they're in the market, and either the GTX 650 Ti or the GTX 660 provide great solutions at their price points.  The GTX 650 Ti gave performance anywhere from 2.5 to 5 times better framerates, and at full DX11 glory which delivers texture and detail that really makes a huge difference in graphical realism.  Our suggestion for those who won't be venturing into the high performance graphics realm, find the GK106 GPU at the price point that best matches your budget, and you won't be disappointed.  You'll be able to play modern games at pretty high settings, and neither will dent your piggy bank all that much, especially when referencing the GTX 650 Ti.  The reduced power consumption over the GTX 550 Ti, at 22%, will also pay you back on the electricity bill.


Although this is temporary, we should mention that the GTX 650 Ti will ship with a copy of Assassin' Creed 3, adding $60 of value to an already great-value package.


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# three 2012-10-19 12:10
did you miss something? hell yah!
remember how 9800gt is a c2d era card?
now compare gtx 650ti to it on an [email protected] and we have something of a GPU upgrade advise here.
# Evan 2012-10-19 12:15
did you miss something? hell yah!
remember how 9800gt is a c2d era card?
now compare gtx 650ti to it on an [email protected] and we have something of a GPU upgrade advise here.
I see where you are coming from, but most games today are exceedingly GPU-dependent, and you could possibly make the argument that the upgrade would be even more pronounced because the GPU would make up a greater percentage of the overall "horsepower" assuming the C2D doesn't create a blatant bottleneck. Of course if it did, you're point is very pertinent because the upgrade would require a new chipset.

Thanks for the input and perspective!
# three 2012-10-19 12:21
another thing to keep in mind is that 9800gt is only 512mb and is not a 1080p GPU and therefore should not be tested at higher than 1050p resolutions.
that and use quad or c2d OCed cpu to pit it against gtx 650ti for more accurate comparison results.