NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Review

Benchmarks - Far Cry 2 DX9

Far Cry 2 is a DirectX 10 title using Ubisoft's Dunia engine, which is coded to take advantage of multi-core processors.  The game allows DirectX 9 modes as well, and we'll test both to see how the cards compare in each scenario.  The Dunia engine utilizes physics-intensive semi-destructible environments to create a dynamic open FPS world with unscripted AI.


The benchmarks included 3 runs of the "Ranch Long" at a 1920x1080 resolution, 8xMSAA, and "Ultra High" graphics detail with no Vsync.  We tested both DX9 and DX10 settings, and the numbers reported are averaged values.


With both cards playing on an even playing field, each running on older DirectX 9, we see that the GTX 660 offers a 366% (3.66x) performance increase over the 9800GT.  The GTX 660 still offers a strong 12.5% improvment over the GTX 560, although the GTX 560Ti, when heavily overclocked, matches the GTX 660.


Benchmarks - Far Cry 2 DX10


Moving to more current tech with DX10, where we expect the GTX 660 to be more "in its element," we see the performance advantage start to show its true colors.  The GTX 660 now offers a 3.82 times improvement over the 9800GT and a whopping 30% over the past GTX 560, and even 8.3% on the heavily-overclocked GTX 560Ti, the venerable value king from Nvidia's past generation.


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