NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Review - Design



Our reference card has a typical, nondescript reference cooler and overall appearance.  The length is very similar to the 9800GT and GTX 560Tis, although there is an interesting aspect to this as we'll point out shortly.  The reference card uses a single quasi-directional fan for cooler, not high performance by any means, but since the card only has a designed TDP of 140W, it doesn't need to be.  One thing that maybe caught your eye is the single PCI-e power connector, the result of the huge leap in efficiency of NVIDIA'S 28nm Kepler fabrication process. 



Now, for the interesting note I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Although the card's dimensions are approximately the same as the GTX 560Tis and the 9800GT, the PCB itself is only about 75% of that length.  The power has been boosted, and everything else has shrunk - the PCB, the GPU, the manufacturing process, and the power consumption.  That's a pretty awesome combination of things when they come together.  The back side of the card has a typical arrangement, but we're seeing four outputs as a standard here, whereas with past NVIDIA models four ports was a manufacturer-added "bonus" feature.


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