NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Review


PhysX - Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is the sequal to the ever-popular Borderlands.  A new quest to shoot, steal, and fight your way to save Pandora is made incredibly immersive with NVIDIA'S PhysX technologies, which are heavily-utilized in Borderlands 2.



Without GPU-accelerated PhysX, you get something similar to the left screenshot when shooting the ground.  A couple bullet holes and minimal environmental reaction.  However, with PhysX set to "high," you get varying and extensive particle reactions.  Shell casings remain on the ground, and the ground itself is littered with the bits and pieces of whatever comes into your path.




Similarly, the left image shows a battle with a gang of Bullymongs throwing rocks at me (and connecting on quite a few).  You see the dead Bullymongs... and not much else.  The right image shows the carnage left behind with full GPU-accelerated PhysX at a buttery-smooth framerate.  Like we said, if you want the full Borderlands 2 experience and you're a couple generations back, the GTX 660 is what you've been waiting for.


What may not be obvious is that with no PhysX, there are no flags... interesting, no?  That's because the fabric mechanics in Borderlands 2 take full advantage of PhysX, as the fabric is modelled as a system of tiny springs giving an incredibly realistic look which uses PhysX prominently.




Thet above screenshot shows the debris generated which remains in the level during battles, everything from shell casings, blood, loot, and just about anything else caught in the cross-fire.  Fluids also take advantage of PhysX, and although it's hard to adequately capture in still form, liquids really come to life using PhysX with much more "body" and a very good viscous mechanic, again using ingenious modelling accelerated by PhysX.


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