Zotac GTX 560 Multiview 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Although in absolute terms, the GTX 560 Multiview performs well, and will allow you to play nearly any game at respectable levels at 1920x1080, the big challenge for this card is in where it's currently positioned on the market.  The pricing situation for the GTX 560 family hasn't changed much since a year ago, and the GTX 560 Multiview can currently be found for $200, where the cheaper side of the GTX 560Ti market rings up a total of $210, a measly $10 more where the lowest benefit we observed was 8.5%.  Of course, those cards lack the Display Port and tri-monitor capability, but that's still a fairly niche market.  On the other side of things, other GTX 560 models can be found for nearly $30 less, so the "Multiview" is beginning to carry a premium if its price doesn't drop like other GTX 560 cards.  Also, the HD6870 can be found for $55 less, perform relatively similarly to the GTX 560, and has a Display Port and tri-monitor Eyefinity functionality.





Ultimately, the GTX 560 Multiview is a bit of a niche card, as it offers a solid card in the GTX 560, the differentiating feature of allowing tri-monitor setups, but at a relatively hefty premium, which may be worth it to some who insist on an Nvidia card for their tri-monitor setup and are in the ~$200 range for their budget.  However, those who have 3 displays available stand a fairly high chance of being able to justify a jump to a comparable ATI card which offers them the same tri-monitor capability, and ultimately a better value outside of the premium associated with the Multiview capability.



  • Low load temps
  • Quiet
  • Tri-monitor capability
  • Inclusion of 2 HDMI and Display Port



  • Relatively high premium for a GTX 560 card with tri-monitor capability
  • No voltage control

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