Zotac GTX 560 Multiview 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Review - Benchmarks- 3DMark11

3DMark11 Professional

3DMark11 by Futuremark is the latest iteration of their "world's most popular" graphics benchmarking suite.  It's based upon DirectX 11 and "makes extensive use of all the new features in DirectX 11 including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading."


We ran the four graphics tests of the "Performance" and "Extreme" presets to determine our system graphics score.  The four tests test the following:

Graphics Test 1

  • Based on the Deep Sea scene
  • No tessellation
  • Heavy lighting with several shadow casting lights

Graphics Test 2

  • Based on the Deep Sea scene
  • Medium tessellation
  • Medium lighting with few shadow casting lights

Graphics Test 3

  • Based on the High Temple scene
  • Medium tessellation
  • One shadow casting light

Graphics Test 4

  • Based on the High Temple scene
  • Heavy tessellation
  • Many shadow casting lights



In the less-demanding "Performance" benchmarks, the overclock boosts the GPU score by 8.3%, the GTX 560 Ti performs 11.3% better at equal clocks, and the GTX 560Ti 448 Core version performs a whopping 26% better over stock performance.  In the "Extreme" benchmarks, the advantages are 7.6%, 12%, and 24% for overclocked, equally-clocked when compared to the Ti model, and stock performance compared to the 448 core model, respectively.

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