Zotac GTX 560 Multiview 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Review - A Closer Look

Zotac GTX 560 Multiview

Zotac GTX 560 Multiview PCBZotac GTX 560 Multiview I/O

Zotac has packaged its GTX 560 Multiview in an attractive bezel, with a yellow-orange mesh providing a nice contrast to the black bezel and a bit of added airflow.  Air is moved by a single 75mm fan, which blows over a heatsink which extends in both directions under the bezel.  The card occupies two slots due to the cooling method and the need for the added output ports for the two DVI, two HDMI, and single display port which allows out-of-the-box tri-monitor setups.  The card is relatively short, so fitting it into nearly any case (outside of compact HTPC cases) shouldn't be an issue.  The entire HSF assembly is secured to the PCB by four bolts on the back side of the PCB


The GTX 560 Multiview runs at the standard frequencies of the GTX 560Ti series, at 820MHz core and 4000MHz memory clocks.  The primary difference between the Ti and non-Ti models is that the Ti-models have 384 unified shaders to the non-Ti's 336.  The GTX 560 family was later extended to include a 448 unified shader model, made possible by the semi-modular shader blocks of the 500-series architecture.



Zotac GTX 560 MultiviewZotac GTX 560 Multiview Fan

Zotac GTX 560 Multiview HeatpipeZotac GTX 560 Multiview Heatsink

Cooling is handles by a single 75mm fan with "S" blades, which do a great job as pushing air while remaining relatively quiet.  The heatsink springs out from the base over the processor core, and heat is channeled away by two large 8mm copper heatpipes.  The mesh covering allows the card to "breathe" a bit extra, and helps alleviate pressure buildup in the fins which may stifle airflow.


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