Motorola Devour Review - The Final Word


All in all, the Motorola Devour is a very solid phone, and definitely one of the higher-end of the Android phones.  The aluminum chassis is very solid, and has a very nice look and feel to it as well.  The phone feels very robust, and it seems as though the Devour will hold up very well against drops and mishandling.  The phone is very responsive, and the screen feels very crisp and sharp when using the touch features.  The on screen keyboards work well, although the buttons are rather small.  The only potential downfall of the phone is that currently, through various retailers, the full-fledged Droid can be had for the same price.  With this phone having a smaller screen and a lower-res camera, it may be seen that it's a no-brainer to go with the Droid over this phone at the same price.  However, the Devour wins over in build quality, and has a much better and more solid overall feel.

The MOTOBlur features such as the ability to track your phone online to see where it is, utilizing the phone's GPS, and erase all data from your phone remotely if it's stolen are nice.  As of now, I'm not entirely sure how well all of these features will work, but the framework is there, and I like where it is going.  MOTOBlur also has the capability to backup and store much of your phone's contact and other data, which can be retrieved at any time over the air if the need arises.


When it's all said and done, the customization potential, build quality, speed of the device when running many (15+) applications, as well as the shear number of Android applications make the Devour a great choice for your smartphone.  Although, whether it is a better buy than the Droid at the same price point may be up for debate, but it is cheaper through Verizon's retail stores, and the Android 2.1 update in the coming days will only add to the Devour's value.

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