Motorola Devour Review - Keyboard/Interface


Devour Keyboard

They keyboard has smooth and relatively "shallow" buttons, which take a bit of getting used to, and is really the only thing about the keyboard that I'm not particularly fond of.  However, this aspect becomes null after a bit of use, and a "feel" of the keyboard is acquired.  The button press is also fairly "strong,"  which requires a very definite push in order to click, which also has a slight learning curve to it.  The buttons are well-spaced, and the layout is very standard standard and logical.

Devour Interface

The interface runs very smooth, snappy, and responsively on the touch screen.  It follows a "stroke" perfectly, and with little to no noticeable lag.  The MOTOBlur is pretty neat, although not incredibly revolutionary.  The home screen has 5 "pages," and the MOTOBlur widgets will display Facebook, Twitter, or other social media updates, news, weather, amongst other things, and can be moved and positioned screen-to-screen, and easily added or removed.  The 5 home pages allow plenty of room for hoards of icons, widgets, or other applications on the home screen.  As with other Android interfaces, the backgrounds also scroll along with the pages, which has a very neat effect.

One note as of today, the Devour is currently having the new Android 2.1 software phased into owners, which will add a wide variety of other features, and will only add more to this phone and further improve it.


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