ASUS Cube With Google TV Review



Final Thoughts


The ASUS Cube certainly stands out as a top performer in the Google TV product category. Its slick layout and nimble performance means that you'll spend very little time fumbling around various media sources looking for something to watch. The November 2012 Google TV upgrade certainly brought a host of powerful functions to our televisions, the most notable being the voice search functionality. And with an aggregation service like PrimeTime serving up personalized listings, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to kick back and be entertained in minutes. It must be noted however that certain cable-killing startups like Aereo could demand a change in the living room strategy of Google and its partners. If cheaper streamers from the likes of Roku, Boxee, and Apple develop support for an Aereo app in the near future, then Google TV's hallmark feature of seamless integration with an existing cable or satellite service could lose its appeal as more consumers switch to the internet as their sole source of entertainment. Ironically, the situation isn't helped by the growing support for Google's own Gigabit Fiber internet service. If presented with the choice, I would much rather shell out for a ligtning-fast internet connection and a pay-as-you-go live TV streaming plan than a cable package with only a handful of channels that I would actually watch.

For the time being though, Google TV is still the best bang for the buck when it comes to consolidating all of your media sources into one device. Considering that the ASUS Cube expands upon Google TV's existing strengths with an additional 50GB of cloud storage and a superbly designed remote, it's hard to not consider it one of the best, if not the best Google TV solution available.


The Good


The Bad

  • Speedy navigation and browsing.
  • Well-balanced remote with responsive touchpad.
  • Free access to +50GB of ASUS WebStorage.
  • Seamless integration with existing cable or satellite TV service.
  • Remote touchpad is often accidentally activated.
  • Limited number of apps outside of movie watching.
  • Laggy scrolling within browser on heavier webpages.


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