ASUS Cube With Google TV Review


Lower your shields and surrender your televisions! The ASUS Cube has arrived to assimilate all of your favorite media. Whether it be a hit TV series, a few HD movies on a local media server, or a music collection stored in the cloud, the ASUS Cube has the collective power to deliver all of your content to the big screen. Jump past the break to see our hands-on impressions.




With the ASUS CUBE with Google TV, you can now expand the horizons of your entertainment sources from the comfort of your couch. Quickly search for what you want to watch with Voice Search, whether it’s a show or movie title, channel name, or genre or even finding your favorite app or website. Even when you don’t know what to watch get recommendations from Prime Time. With Chrome, YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and many more accessing and finding something entertaining on your big screen have never been easier.

Bridging the gap between the internet and live TV, ASUS CUBE with Google TV offers access to endless entertainment. Watch live TV or stream content from the internet, try a made-for-TV app, or surf the internet with Chrome. Along with 50GB of WebStorage and 2 USB ports, ASUS CUBE with Google TV can playback your favorite home movies, your family and friends' latest videos and much more. Bring the world of entertainment to your TV with a simple cube.

The ASUS CUBE with Google TV leverages award-winning Marvell® Armada® 1500 series SoC platform to deliver a high-performance and energy-efficient media streamer. With HDMI-in to connect to your existing cable or satellite box, ASUS CUBE with Google TV is able to combine your current live television entertainment with Google TV and Prime Time to bring you what is available not only on live TV but also what is available on the internet and on-demand services- streamlining your entertainment search! Along with (2) USB ports with support for AutoPlay and 50 GB of ASUS WebStorage, sharing and streaming your personal media is easy.


*Courtesy of ASUS




Platform Google TV
Marvell Armada 1500
Wireless Standard Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
I/O Ports

USB 2.0 x 2

10/100 Base-T Ethernet port x 1

HDMI In Port x 1

HDMI Out x 1

IR Blaster Cable


4GB Internal Storage

+50GB ASUS WebStorage

Dimensions 4.92" x 4.92"
Weight 14.8 ounces




The Cube and all of its accessories come neatly stacked inside a brightly illustrated package. Inside we find the Cube itself, power adapter and plug, remote, two AAA batteries, IR blaster cable, a quick start guide, and a CD containing additional information about the device. You will need to supply your own HDMI and Ethernet cables. Hooking up and powering on the Cube is hassle-free, although you will need to patiently wade through 15-20 minutes worth of setup screens. If you can stave off your excitment and put some quality time into the initial setup process, the better your end experience will be.


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