Droidax EzyCharge (Galaxy SIII) Review


Final Thoughts

In debating whether or not Droidax’s EzyCharge for the Samsung Galaxy SIII is right for you, you must consider whether the added convenience justifies the added weight and length. For most, including myself, the answer to this puzzle is yes. The added convenience is rather significant with the extra 25% charge often being just what is needed to get you through most days. As far as bulk goes, some may be a little more nitpicky about millimeters added here and grams added there, but all in all, the added size and weight is very quick and easy to get over and adapt to. Another angle to look at the “inconvenience of added bulk” is to first consider the weight and bulk of an ordinary protective carrying case. EzyCharge has all that plus just incrementally more bulk, but it also adds that extra boost to the battery with all the other benefits of a protective case.  The faults noted such as the hidden indicator LED’s on the battery pack during charging and the slightly obscured camera flash are pretty easy to overlook for most users. The only other gripe is the lights on the charging pad for bedside charger, which we anticipate to be a majority of users.  An LED toggle would be a perfect solution.



Once you can answer whether or not you care about the increased bulk and a few nits about the design as well as how much the battery boost means to you, you can then ask: is it really worth $79.95?  Considering that you are getting a protective case with a built-in battery plus a wireless charging pad, I would say that it’s an overall pretty good value despite the price tag. However, Droidax’s EzyCharge is nonetheless a pricey accessory that is likely out of the range of an impulse purchase for the added convenience of inductive charging and additional battery life. However, when comparing to other inductive chargers and battery cases, which are themselves still niche products, you can see the value of the package when compared to its competitors which, when purchased saparately, can be $20 or more expensive.


The Good


The Bad

  • Fully functional wireless charging
  • Extra battery boost at the touch of a button
  • Streamlined design
  • All phone features accessible
  • Sleek appearance
  • Good handling / grip
  • Slight obscuring of camera flash
  • Complete obscuring of indicator LED’s while charging
  • Lack of guaranteed protection of auxiliary battery from drops
  • Flimsy charging pad
  • Added weight (80g) and length (15mm)


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