Droidax EzyCharge (Galaxy SIII) Review



Starting with the wireless charging, it just works.   Place the phone on the charging pad and the phone just starts charging as if it actually had a cable plugged into it.  I cannot say anything about the charging time, but when I place it on the pad to charge before bed, both the phone and battery pack are fully charged upon awakening.  The indicator LED on the charging pad is of a convex shape and is sufficiently large and bright enough so that it is be obvious whether or not charging is complete by noting the color of the light.  My only concern with the design however, is that the indicator lights on the battery pack are nearly impossible to see while charging,  since the phone is placed face up on the charging pad.  This is not really a problem for me since I only charge my phone on the pad while I am sleeping, but for others this may be frustrating.  

The auxiliary battery charging also works as it was meant to do.  Upon holding down the power button, the phone promptly starts to charge from the battery pack until commanded to stop or when the auxiliary battery drains completely.  I find that when I drain the auxiliary battery completely, it usually adds approximately 15 - 25% charge to my SIII battery.  This may not seem like a lot, but this little extra push is usually just what I need to get to the end of some days.  On days when I know I will not be using my SIII heavily, I will keep my screen brightness on max without any fear of having no power by the end of the day, knowing that I am always carrying a little extra power wherever I go.  Since charging from the battery pack is usually pretty quick (less than an hour for complete discharge) there has not really been a need to check the charge level of the battery pack, because when I usually think to check the progress, it is already complete.  



The phone and battery pack do get a little warm while charging  is turned on (as explained as normal in the user manual) but not too hot to be overly concerning.  I have also occasionally noticed a slight hissing sound (not mentioned in the user manual) for the first minute after initiating discharge of the auxiliary battery.  The hissing does soon go away and the performance seems unaffected, it should not really be an issue, just a side-effect of the internal electronics.

As a protective carrying case, it seems to do as it is supposed to.  It covers all surfaces except the screen and front as well as part of the top.  I have never had the feeling that I was handling fine China which can shatter at any second while I am using my SIII in the battery pack and fully expect it to stand up well to day-to-day abuses.  The SII itself is a durable phone and the chassis of the EzyCharge will certainly enhance it.  The rubber coating on the deep blue EzyCharge does add a nice soft touch grip which ideally minimizes the probability of a phone drop as well.  I have actually been so bold as to go out on jogs with EzyCharge-enclosed SIII without dreading the possibility of losing grip and annihilating the battery pack.


Camera Flash Compare

The Droidax EzyCharge has a really nice look and feel to it in my opinion.  The deep blue color, while not perfectly matching the metallic blue of the SIII, does compliment it well with an appropriate amount of gloss.  The rounded curves closely match those of the phone, enhancing both the look and feel.  The rubberized coating as mentioned does add a particularly satisfying grip to the case which is a pretty nice touch. 


The added 80 g of weight and about 15 mm of added length are slightly noticeable but in no way detract from the use or transport of the phone.  There is actually not any noticeable arm fatigue added from holding a “heavier” phone and single handed texting is just as simple as without a case.  When I put the EzyCharge with phone in my front pocket, there is again not much of a noticeable difference, but those who struggle with the pocketability of a naked SII might want to be more considerate.   


And like any properly designed protective case, you can expect that it leaves adequate access to all of the phone’s features.  All of the buttons are easy to access and are free of obstructions.  The cutout for the aft camera widens outwards to ensure that there is absolutely no obstruction to visibility; this has been verified by a very simple test.  Upon testing the camera flash flashlight however, there is a very slight yet noticeable obstruction which is observed at short distances.

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