Droidax EzyCharge (Galaxy SIII) Review


The EzyCharge battery pack’s lightweight and streamlined design is immediately noticed upon handling the device.  Until closer inspection, one would speculate this to be nothing more than a protective case for the smartphone.  The rubber coating on the deep blue battery pack adds to the sleekness of the design in both look and feel with just the right amount of shine and grip.  Even though the color does not perfectly match that of the Galaxy SIII, it does compliment it pretty well.  Assembly is simple, the phone slides into the main part of the battery pack with the USB nub plugging into the phone.  The top part of the battery pack then tightly slides over the rest of the phone and fastens to the main part of the pack. 


Once connected, the battery pack is so snugly in place that it really does seem to be an extension of the phone itself, so there should be no worries about the phone accidentally sliding out.  Notches and holes are cut out of the SIII to allow for easy use of ALL of the phone’s features (microphones, audio jack receptacle, volume and power buttons, USB port, speaker, camera, and flash).  The battery pack also completely covers the phone like most other protective cases do, so it would seem that it would provide the same amount of protection.  The back of the battery pack features a power button for initiating and disengaging phone charging with the auxiliary battery as well as providing the ability to check the charge of the battery pack itself by illuminating a number of the 4 LED indicator lights which is proportional to the percentage of remaining charge. 


The charging pad is of a dark metallic blue which closely matches the color of the SIII.  Its size is not much larger than the phone, so it will not take up too much room on whichever surface it occupies.  Upon handling the pad, the very low weight and the noticeable flimsiness of the pad when slight pressure is applied to it gives the pad a feel of being somewhat cheap.  This should not matter really since all it ever does is rest on a bedside table or wherever and it adequately supports the weight load of both the SIII and the battery pack and it gets the job done.  

In order to use the EzyCharge battery pack, first attach the battery pack to the phone (of course) as explained previously.   Plug the power adapter into the charging pad.   Place the SIII with connected battery pack onto the charging pad face up, approximately centered (just not hanging off one of the sides).   The LED indicator light will be red while charging and blue when both the phone and battery pack are fully charged.  The lights are soft and very well-diffused, but may be a distraction if you like to keep your phone on a bedside table / stand.  It would be great to toggle the LED for those who find themselves very sensitive to ambient lights when trying to sleep.




The four indicator lights on the battery pack will also illuminate while charging in order to show its progress.  The user manual says “to extend storage, fully charge the Ezycharge Receiver before first use”, so do that first and foremost.  When the phone is removed from the charger, it is ready to use and will start drawing power from the phone’s own internal battery; the auxillary battery will remain off until commanded to discharge.  To do so, hold down the power button for about 3 – 5 seconds; do the same to stop discharging. 


If you press the button for less than 2 seconds, the LED indicator lights will illuminate for a few seconds , the number of lights corresponding to  the auxiliary battery’s charge; all 4 lights for power greater than 75%, 3 lights for 50% - 75% power, 2 lights for 25% - 50% power , 1 light for less than 25% power,  and no lights illuminated when the battery is empty.  Once the auxiliary battery is drained, the phone will continue to draw from its own battery.  It is also possible to charge with an old-fashioned USB power cable if that is desired by just plugging right into the included USB port  on the battery pack itself so that disassembly is unnecessary.

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