Droidax EzyCharge (Galaxy SIII) Review


“EzyCharge makes charging your Samsung Galaxy SIII a breeze” claims Droidax, a company who designs and manufactures mobile accessories for Android.  With a wireless charging pad and a 1200 mAh battery pack in a protective case, this claim is well-justified.  You would hardly guess that you were carrying that much extra power in your hand (or pocket) with the slim and lightweight design of the battery pack, with the phone only becoming slightly longer.  If you are the owner of the popular SIII Android smartphone and you wish you could have a convenient way to get though the day without your phone dying and have the convenience of inductive charging, then the EzyCharge at $79.95 might be what you are looking for. 



Easily take calls while your device is charging without struggling with limiting cords and having to constantly plug and unplug cables will now be a thing of the past. Even enjoy data syncing without the hassle of having to remove the receiver case first. EzyCharge also displays an LED light with three modes indicating charging, fully charged and power off. This slim and compact protective case comes in rubber coated Deep Blue to match the colouring of the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.



  • Easy Wireless Charging
  • Slimline & Lightweight Case Design
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Overcharge Protection
  • LED Battery Indicators


* Is compatible with the International Version of the Samsung Galaxy S3


*Courtesty of Droidax



DroidAx’s EzyCharge comes with a two-piece battery pack / case, a wireless charging pad, and a USB charging cable (which you may never choose or need to use).  The battery pack case snaps onto the SIII snugly like an ordinary protective case, except it also plugs into the micro-USB charging port, almost making it seem like an extension of the phone itself.  It comes in rubber coated Deep Blue in order to match the coloring of the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.  


The case leaves openings for all the functions of the SIII and are large enough to allow for ease of use without having to try to stuff your fingers into the case to reach the buttons.  A power button on the back of the battery pack allows for manually initiating and halting the discharge as well as for checking the charge through the 4 built-in indicator LEDs.  


 There is also a USB receptacle on the battery pack itself for connecting to a PC without disassembly as well as for charging with the included (or any) micro-USB charging cable while away from home, because unfortunately, until wireless charging pads become more ubiquitous in public, you will occasionally have to be inconvenienced  with ancient plug-in charging technology when you don’t want to carry around the induction pad itself.  


The wireless charging pad itself features an LED indicator light to let you know if the SIII is charged or is being charged.  The charging pad also protects against overcharging since it “knows” when the phone and the battery pack are completely charged. 


Input 5V == 60 mA (Max)
Output 5.0 ± 0.25 V / 0.5 A
Capacity 1200 mAh
Protection Short Circuit / Overcharge
Dimensions 14.90 mm x 73mm x 148mm
~ 80g





The "loadout" with the Droidax EzyCharge is pretty straight forward; a battery pack case, a USB charging cable, and a DC charger to go with the induction charging pad.

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