Microsoft Surface Pro Video Review



Final Thoughts


Best purchase I’ve ever made? Time will tell. I went out on a limb to sell my iPhone 4S and MacBook Pro to upgrade to the HTC 8X and Surface Pro and I’m loving every minute of it. The Surface Pro is the perfect machine for almost any mobile user (Not including gamers). Some wonder why it is so expensive. Keep in mind it has similar specs and it competes pricewise with most ultrabooks. I think Microsoft is definitely onto something here and by no means is this a beta device. It’s hard to comprehend what this device is capable of, so I would get your hands on one of these as soon as possible and see for yourself!


The Good


The Bad


  • Stunning IPS screen with superb viewing angles.
  • Seamless integration between OneNote and the included stylus.
  • Kickstand lets the Surface Pro stand above the rest.
  • SSD drive means lightning fast boot times and access to apps.
  • Measly five hours of battery life doesn't give power users much time on the go.
  • Very unimpressive rear-facing camera and camera application.
  • Despite the enhancements to Office 2013, desktop mode is still very difficult to navigate via touch.


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