RHA CA200 Noise Isolating Headphones Review

Testing | Sound, Comfort, and Style.

Sound Quality

RHA-CA-200-SplashThe sound quality of the RHA CA200 is damned impressive considering their $30 price tag. That price is more than fair considering the features that are offered with these headphones, and it really is a testament to RHA's ability to design and build a great product at a fair price (like their MA350s which we found to be a fantastic value). At low to medium volumes, these headphones are clear and responsive. The frequency response is excellent and on-par with the advertised range (20-20,000 Hz) and is also quite well-balanced.  The large 40mm drivers do a good job at reaching the low frequencies, but we also weren't left feeling like the driver had to force its way to the high frequencies, and those were light and crisp as well.


The noise isolation is fair for a passive system, but I wouldn't compare it to any truly noise isolating/cancelling active systems. The light weight design and low-pressure on the earcups did let a little more sound leak through than other isolating headphones, but overall it was satisfactory.  I can't fault RHA for this because there is no advertised specification for "noise isolation", so it really comes down to user perception and expectations. The only potential flaw that I perceived is the noise from the cables when moving ones head, especially at low volumes. I once used these headphones while watching and listening to a virtual lecture and taking notes (moving my head back and forth between the screen and a notebook), and I found the cable noise to be distracting enough to warrant switching to another pair of headphones. At moderate and high listening volumes, this was not an issue.


Comfort and Styling

These headphones are lightweight and comfortable. RHA claims that the easy angle adjustment of the earcups allows them to rest easily and comfortably on your head without adding any undue pressure. I wore these for several hours with no comfort issues or pain. The way they conform and unintrusively fit onto your ears make them an afterthought and you really lose track of the fact that you're wearing them, which is the true test of comfort.  The styling is simplistic, reflecting the intentions of low weight in the design. I would classify the styling as "modern" with sleek, smooth lines and curves. They are available in either black or white.

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