RHA CA200 Noise Isolating Headphones Review


The Glasglow, UK-headquarted RHA returns to Tech Kings with their "circum aural" CA200 headphones. The CA200 is a lightweight, ergonomic headphone with unique designs and simplistic styling. RHA stresses the dependence of comfort, sound quality, and noise isolation on the angle and pressure at which the headphones sit on the ear, claiming that their ErgoFit system is designed to enhance the aforementioned qualities. At $29.95 (Amazon), these headphones could be the best value on the market if they make all of RHA's claims come true. Read on to find out if they do!


A circum-aural headphone for use at home, in the studio, or on the move. Featuring RHA’s ErgoFit system for comfort and noise isolation, advanced materials for lightweight durability, detachable fabric braided cables to reduce tangling and 40mm drivers for accurate and detailed sound, the CA200 is a great all round headphone.


When it comes to headphones, the perfect fit is all important. Comfort, sound quality and noise isolation all depend on the angle and pressure with which the earcups sit on the ear. The ErgoFit system uses a sliding ball and socket mechanism with soft 'around ear' pads; perfectly accommodating the user's profile to ensure comfort and noise isolation.


Driving the headphones are 40mm mylar speakers, with neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils for crystal clear reproduction throughout the audio spectrum.


A 1.2m detachable cable prevents common connection problems and offers freedom to disconnect quickly and easily. The fabric braiding produces less friction than a normal rubber cable which helps reduce tangling, prolonging cable life.


The headband is constructed from an advanced thermoplastic hybrid developed in the automotive industry making the CA200 robust yet lightweight.



  • ErgoFit system allows the ear cup to pivot on multiple axes for a comfortable fit & better noise isolation
  • 40mm mylar drivers, neodymium magnet and CCAW voice coils combine to deliver exceptional sound quality
  • Detachable fabric braided cable eliminates tangling and prolongs cable life
  • Lightweight at 166g
  • 3.5mm gold plated connections



Drivers 40mm mylar
Frequency range 20- 20,000Hz
Impedance 32ohms
Sensitivity 113dB
Rated/max power 30/100mW
Height 205 mm
Width 160 mm
Depth 80 mm
Weight 166g
Cable 1.2m Fabric braided
Connections 3.5mm Gold plated

Overview, Features, and Specifications courtesy of RHA CA200 product website


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