H2O Audio X-1 Trax Custom Fit Waterproof Sport Earphones Review


 X-1 Trax Waterproof Custom Fit Earphones / Earbuds Review - Design

X-1 Trax Waterproof Custom Fit Earphones / Earbuds Review - Shirt ClipX-1 Trax Waterproof Custom Fit Earphones / Earbuds Review - Memory Wire

The overall design isn't much different on the outside compared to what you're probably used to, but there are a few key features included, both visible and concealed in the casing.  The sound ports are slightly angled which helps larger volume cases still find there way into your outer ear canal, which is as important toward keeping the earphones in place as it is to deliver good sound.  The angle is subtle enough that they are comfortable whether the memory wire is wrapped around your ear or if you're wearing them straight down like a traditional earbud. 


It is also intersting to note that there is no soundport cover, and you can look all the way down into the casing.  The memory wire is reinforced and anchored by an additional piece of rubber (the blue piece) to anchor the cable into the earphone to withstand the rigors of exercise (and those accidnetal drops that rip them out of your ears.  A sliding shirt clip is also a great way to take up alot of the cable weight from bouncing and trying to tug the buds out of your ear.


 X-1 Waterproof Custom Fit Earphones / Earbus Review - 3.5mm Connector

The cable has about a 45-degree angle which works great on devices with a 3.5mm audio port on the ends.  If you carry it in a pocket, the angle brings it straight out of your pocket when your legs are angled (think of the angle your legs make as you take a big running stride forward).  This works similarly for arm or wristbands for your MP3 player.  It is very awkward for side ports, but it's still better than a straight connector.  The connector is gold-plated and the cable has a hardy weave that looks very durable, and is also comfortable soft and flexible.  The downside to the flexible cable is that it is rather prone to tangling.

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