H2O Audio X-1 Trax Custom Fit Waterproof Sport Earphones Review

X-1 Trax Waterproof Custom Fit Sport Earphones / Earbuds Review - Intro

Earbuds have become a godsend to portable entertainment, especially when you're working out.  Research has shown that higher-tempo music actually makes us run faster, lift harder, and, basically, get in shape faster.  The downsides?  There are several flaws when it comes to being active which are inherent to the design of most earphones you can buy.  X-1 is aiming to re-write the focus of their active earbud line, emphasizing comfort, durability, and even washability.  We'll put their durability and waterproof characteristics to the test.


Customizable. Durable. Comfortable. We started with the needs of runners in mind, and emerged with a hassle free, stay-put headphone that's perfect for nearly any activity!


100% Waterproof // Sweatproof Durability
Waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes, these headphones made to survive sweat, humidity and rain. Easy to clean, rinse them off for a fresh pair of earbuds before every workout.

Highly Customizable
Unique moldable memory wire, five earplug options and a cable clip give you the options to create a comfortable stay-put fit that’s uniquely you.

Memory wire is designed to hold shape, yet stay flexible so you can create the perfect ear hook that’s comfortable even with sunglasses, or change up the fit for each activity you do.


Ergonomics for Fit and Sound
Angled design works with the shape of your ear for optimal fit and sound performance. Ergonomic shape rests comfortably in your ear, while directing sound towards the ear canal, providing a comfortable fit and delivering quality sound without listener fatigue which means you can get the same sound at a lower volume, leading to less listener fatigue over long periods of time.

Highly Visible
High visibility cable and bright colors make these headphones easy to find in the dark corners of your gym bag and makes you easy to see during outdoor activities in the early morning or evening hours.

Hassle Free Quiet Cable
Distributed load shielded cable redistributes the pull and strain from active use to keep the cable from fraying or breaking while also almost completely eliminating cordphonics (more commonly known as that annoying noise of your headphone cable rubbing against your shirt as you workout). Kink-free outer coating ensures that no matter how you store them, the headphone cables will stay tangle free.

*Courtesy of X-1

X-1 Waterproof Custom Fit Sport Earphones / Earbuds Review - Splash


Included Accessories

 X-1 Trax Waterproof Custom Fit Earphones / Earbuds Review - Included Accessories

The simple clear packaging opens up to reveal a straightforward loadout; three sets (small, medium, and large) of standard silicon tips, one set of foam tips, a small "tree tip," and a green nylon carry case which is good for the headphones, its accessories, and a small MP3 player.

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