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 RHA MA 350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones Review - Box Contents - Unboxed

Heres a quick look at everything in the box. Everything you need and nothing you don't. Included with the earphones themselves is a user manual, soft silicone tips (size small, medium, and large), and a carrying bag. This is typically what you can expect to find enclosed with all headphones in this price range.   No frills, just the necessities.


RHA MA 350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones Review - Close up - No tip

This closeup with the soft silicone tip removed shows the machined aluminum housing for the driver. The matte black portion of the housing is also aluminum, though anodized and finished. If you look closely, you can see the braided fabric cable, which much less prone to frustrating tangles and knots and also leads to greater durability since it doesn't crease and bears tension when pulled.  The sound port also has a fine mesh cover to prevent dirt, debris, and earwax from making its way into the housing.  The cable anchord are very firmly attached to the driver housing, and we think these should hold up well to the rigors of everyday usage (which includes dropped phones / MP3 players).


The overall design is very simple, yet functional.  No fancy curves or bends, these are meant to fit a wide range of ears with a straight design.  The flange is carefully shaped to create the sound RHA wanted their MA 350s to have with a very typical "horn" shape to it to port sound into the ear canal.


RHA MA 350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones Review - Cable and Connector

Above is a clearer view of the braided fabric cable mentioned previously. We see the gold-plated 3.5mm connector, which is fast becoming a standard for headphones, ensuring a solid, low-noise connection and helping to prevent oxidation.  The connector and the split junction are reinforced with flexible plastic, something we're seeing more and more of as the junction is often a failur point during the lift of an earbud.  RHA has neatly branded the connector and the backside of the housing face as well.

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