Blue Aura v30 Blackline - Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier and Speaker Set - Design




The main component and heart of the system is the amplifier shown above. The front panel of this 40W (20W per channel) amplifier features a gain (volume) knob, source selector dial, and an IR signal reciever for the remote. The unit itself is beautiful, and sure to snag the attention of anyone who spots it in your home, office, etc. The downside of the mirror finish is you'll find yourself dusting it frequently. When handling the amplifier, the inclusion of the white gloves in the package comes in very handy.


Those familiar with vacuum tube amplification will immediately recognize the soft greenish glow of the tubes when the unit is powered. The mirrored upper surface serves as the perfect backdrop for the tubes, their mounting station, and the shiny lifting handles. A matte black enclosure for the transformer compliments the front panel and sides, and helps to diversify the otherwise reflective upper portion of the unit. The "v30" logo can be seen on the very front of the upper surface (partially obscured in the above picture, more clear in the side view below). The amplifier itself feels solid, and anyone who has ever lugged around a big tube amplifier for an instrument will immediately recognize the familiar weight that comes with tubes, mostly due to the transformer. The handles are well positioned for the weight distribution, and everything feels very solid. From an aesthetics perspective, this little thing has got it going on. 



There's not much to describe about the unit from the side, but it's certainly worth showing from this view (and any angle, for that matter). It just looks so slick, cool, and sophisticated.



The rear of the v30 Blackline features, from left to right, RCA input, 3.5mm "line" input, USB input, headphone output jack, two speaker connections (20W per channel), power input connection, and power switch. The cables needed for all three inputs listed previously are included with the package, and gives you the flexibility to use the system with just about anything you could want.



The v30 Blackline package includes everything shown above along with the WS30 speakers and amplifier. Speaker cables, RCA cables, 3.5mm cable, USB cable, remote, power cable, "Blue Aura v30 Blackline" pin, rubber speaker stands/isolation mounts, and a bag that includes an instruction manual and a pair of white cotton handling gloves. This is a very comprehensive package and we always appreciate when manufacturers such as Blue Aura go a little further than expected to really complete the package. I mean, we don't NEED white cotton handling gloves, but the fact that we have them makes it feel that much classier. 



The v30 Blackline amplifier comes paired with 2 passive WS30 speakers. A 3.5" paper cone woofer and a 3/4" soft dome tweeter enclosed in a wonderfully-styled MDF box completes the pre-matched listening experience. A soft faux black-leather wrapping with nicely accented stitching and an embossed "Blue Aura" logo on the upper surface make these a delight for the eye, just like the associated amplifier.


BlueAuraWS30MountedBlue Aura Logo

The WS30 speaker is shown above on its included rubber stand that serves a dual purpose as an isolating mount. This helps to ensure that your sound isn't infused with any unwanted interference from the surface the speaker sits on.



The WS30 speaker nicely compliments the Blackline amp. There is no doubt that this is an attractive pairing that is sure to grab some attention in a classy fashion.


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